SynthMaker 1.08

Allows you to create your own audio interfaces that can be used as VST plugins
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SynthMaker is an outstanding program that allows you to create your own audio interfaces in order to process digital audio signals in real time. These audio interfaces can be used from other audio applications as VST plug-ins, or you can create your own standalone applications.

The GUI is user-friendly; it is integrated by four frames: Filterbar, Toolbox, Navigator, and Schematic. The “Schematic” frame is the working area where you can place all the elements to build your audio application. You can zoom in, zoom out, and maximize the schematic frame. The “Navigator” frame allows you to go immediately to any place inside the schematic frame. The “Toolbox” frame includes all the elements that you can use to construct your audio application. Some elements are individual components and others are modules that combine different components. Finally, the “Filterbar” frame has all the tools ordered by categories. To construct your audio application, you need to drag and drop the desired elements from the toolbox into the schematic frame. After the elements have been added, you need to link the inputs and outputs of all the components with connectors.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can export the audio applications as VST plug-ins or create your own standalone applications


  • With the trial version, the VST plugins generated have a soft hissing sound
  • The trial version can be used only for 30 days
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